The Top 10 Reasons Given For Divorce In 2020

No doubt, divorce is part of most people’s life. The number of divorce cases in recent times is alarming. Although, some people frown at divorce, but has become part of human existence. When relationship sour or marriage is not working out, the best option is to opt-out. In this article, we shall unveil the top 10 reasons why people file for a divorce in 2020.
Top 10 Reasons Given For Divorce In 2020
Here we are looking out the most common reasons for divorce. Below are the top reasons;

Frequent Abuse

Emotional or physical abuse is one of the top reasons for recent divorce. No couple should tolerate any type of abuse; you should opt-out legally if you are in an abusive marriage. No marriage is perfect marriage is work. Address every issue in your marriage, don’t be silent about it.

Lack of Effective Communication

Effective communication is the foundation of stronger and healthier marriage. The absence of good communication often lead to discords, frustrations between partners, and thereby lead to divorce if not properly managed. Lack of good communication is one of the primary reasons given for divorce.

Money Issues

Lack of money, financial inequality, money management, financial goals, and spending remain one of the oldest reasons for divorce. There is always a problem when one partner makes money than the other. Money in most cases is everything, it adds fun to your marriage, and the absence of it can lead to divorce.

Intimacy Issues

The lack of intimacy can trigger a divorce. Intimacy does not revolve around sex, it is not about sex, rather physical and emotional connection is key to a successful marriage. The absence of an emotional connection with your partner can promote divorce. Sex deprivation is the top reason for the 2020 divorce.


Substance abuse like drugs, alcohol is often responsible for the divorce. If a spouse refuses to get help and becomes a threat to their spouse’s safety, divorce is imminent.


Here is another top reason that is responsible for divorce in 2020. Most couples engage in constant arguments over house chores, kids, and more. Remember, frequent argument triggers divorce. Some spouses find it difficult to see their partner’s perspective over an issue. This often led to many arguments that could encourage divorce.

Not in Love Anymore

Love at foresight can be disastrous. Falling out of love can truncate the marriage life span.

Too Much Expectation

We often refer to this as unrealistic goals. Many couples enter into marriage with too many expectations. If these expectations are not meant, the person becomes disappointed and gets angry for every little thing. A wrong expectation goal is one of the top reasons why people file for a divorce.

Lack of Preparation

Many couples rushed into marriage without proper preparation. Most divorce cases occur between the first 3 to 10th anniversaries. Divorce can happen if both spouses are not physically or emotionally mature.


Infidelity is the number of reasons given for recent times divorce. Cheating, extramarital affairs are the primary reasons for the marriage breakdown. No spouse under planet earth can stand a cheating partner under the same roof; hence, infidelity is the legal reason for divorce in 2020 and beyond.
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