Get a Local Lawyer and Other Good Advice

Get a Local Lawyer and Other Good Advice

Does a Collaborative Divorce Have Any Real Benefits? 3 Reasons to Try It

by Lillie Hill

Divorce is one of the most dreadful things you will likely face after many years of marriage. In addition, many will shy away from filing, given the paperwork, the possible court battles, and the potential conflict. That said, you can choose a less stressful way out of a marriage that no longer works for you. Here are some things you should know about the collaborative divorce process and all its benefits.  

It Takes Less Time

It is common to have complex emotions about your partner when separating from them. However, letting these emotions cloud your judgment can make you choose to be vindictive while seeking a divorce. Instead, try the collaborative process, which allows you an honest exchange with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. More so, you will note that they are likely to be receptive and peaceful when you set the pace and let them know that you want to dissolve things amicably. More importantly, your partner will know that you want collaboration and that they can table all their concerns. Hence, a family attorney will easily guide you toward reaching a faster dissolution of the marriage. 

You Spend Less Money

Few people will tell you how expensive divorce proceedings can get. If you are not keen on the processes and their implications, they can even lead to early bankruptcy. You should know that the process becomes costlier when you choose court proceedings. In this case, attorney's fees and all other charges rack up quickly, not to mention the lengthy period the divorce takes. In the end, you might not have much from the settlement to help you start your life anew. On the other hand, a collaborative divorce with the help of a family lawyer is cheaper and will leave you in a balanced emotional state. This way, you can keep pursuing income-generating ventures and rebuild your life in no time. 

You Maintain Positive Relationships

If you have children, you will want to have a cordial relationship with your partner after the divorce. That said, it is hard to have a warm and friendly co-parenting partnership after bitter court proceedings and emotional turmoil. Hence, it is best to consider a collaborative divorce if you want to preserve an amicable partnership. Ultimately, your children will have an easier time accepting and adjusting to the separation when you are at peace with each other.

The best way to divorce is by ensuring no one suffers the consequences of the emotional turmoil created by the process. The good news is a divorce lawyer can offer all the tips and guidance you need to collaborate and get the best possible results for everyone.


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Get a Local Lawyer and Other Good Advice

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